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Lima, Ohio

Rotary Snow Plows

After steam locomotive construction ended, Lima-Hamilton built four steam  operated rotary snow plows.  The three cylinder Pacific Coast Shay engine design was used, this time two banks of 3-13x15 engine assemblies were installed.  The boiler shop was activated for the last locomotive boilers and construction was carried out in the locomotive erecting shop. A number of men who had built the Shays were brought back to handle machining and setting the valves. The fling was short-lived, The first going out  of the plant in December 1949 and the last in February 1950. The Union Pacific took the first and third units while the Soo Line  took the second unit and  the last went to the Rock Island.  It was the last application of Shay technology in the railroad industry. 

The inner workings of UP 076 c/n 9388 during construction.


The front cutter and cab of UP 076 c/n 9388 during construction

Right side builder's view of UP 076 c/n 9388, January 1950 at Lima Locomotive.

Left side builder's view of UP 076 c/n 9388, January 1950 at Lima Locomotive. It was maintained until 1985, although
last reported as having cleared snow in 1977.


c/n 9387 C.O.  1213-SP Dec. 1949 Union Pacific Railroad 075 Retired 1979, displayed at Illinois Railway Museum, Union, Illinois.
c/n 9388 C.O.  1213-SP Jan. 1950 Union Pacific Railroad 076. Retired 1985, displayed at Hermiston, Oregon.
c/n 9389 C.O.  1213-SP Jan. 1950 The Soo Line X19a
c/n 9390 C.O.  1213-SP Feb. 1950 Rock Island Line 95377
c/n 9391 C.O.  1213-SP Cancelled Stock

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