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Lima, Ohio

Looking  south across the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and S. Main Street is the office building for Lima Locomotive Works.  The factory buildings are visible behind the office.  To the right and just out of the picture was the main track for the Nickel Plate Road.  The photographer was standing on the east-west Erie Railroad, which also served the Locomotive Works. Depending on whose railroad  timetable one was looking at, this was either Erie Junction or South Lima. -- Author's collection

The  facilities of the Lima Locomotive Works circa 1948 are outlined in the plant property photo.  Today it is a "Brown Field" and void of all  but three small buildings. -- Allen County Historical Society collection


The Erecting Shop floor at the Lima Locomotive Works.  This is just half of the floor bays, on the right of the steel columns is a duplicate of the erecting tracks.  Visible in this photo are boilers awaiting lifting onto frames, frames being assembled and superheater units  awaiting installation in boilers.  Completed locomotives were lifted from their assembly bays and taken to the far end of the great hall where they were set down on a thru track and mated to their waiting tender.  The completed  locomotive was hauled down the  track for live firing tests and operated on test tracks around the plant.-- Allen County Historical Society collection

Employment Sampling

1941 - 2500 employees estimated 
1942 - 3384 employees
1944 - 3459 employees
1945 - 3245 employees

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