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Lima, Ohio

Books and DVDs

A must have! The highly acclaimed book.

Lima Locomotive

The Steam Locomotive Construction Process
of Lima Locomotive Works during 1924

Author: Scott D. Trostel. This is an extraordinary book looking through the window of history into what smokestack America was all about.  The author takes you on a tour  of a heavy manufacturing plant of Lima Locomotive Works to see how steam railroad locomotives were built in the year of 1924. He uses maps, large photos and illustrations to help one to understand the lost art of commercial railroad locomotive manufacturing at Lima Locomotive Works.

88 pages,  18 maps,  53 photographs  Soft cover  978-0-925436-05-4  $22.95

A great new documentary DVD:

The Building
Lima Super-Power

This fascinating new DVD documentary is in depth look inside the buildings of Lima Locomotive Works during  the construction of Super-Power, (1925 - 1949).

Follow the Super-Power locomotive manufacturing at the Lima Locomotive Works process from design and engineering through a host of departments from blue print to foundry pattern, and to every corner of the complex as raw steel is formed into the most fascinating machine to ever grace the  American industrial scene. From Lima Locomotive Works photos, many never seen before.  This documentary is narrated by Lima Locomotive Works Historian Scott Trostel.

The departments youll visit:
     Pattern Shop 
     Boiler Shop 
     Tank Shop 
     Smith and Hammer Shop 
     Truck Shop
     Heat Treating
     Rod Machining 
     Erecting Shop 
     Steam Tests 
     Scale House 
     Painting and Lettering.

271 Lima Locomotive Works photographs, many never before seen.
View many of the Lima Locomotive types in the Album of Lima Super-Power Locomotives.
RUN TIME 40 minutes.
  978-0-925436-68-9  $24.95

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